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As threatened in my German posts, I started a blog about drawing-related stuff:


I'll still be posting finished artworks in my LJ anyway, so no need to worry :)


Artwork: not a nice place // golden hour

Two days, two pictures. Practicing colors and perspective stuff :)


Artwork: At the Gates

20+ hours, Photoshop and a crappy photo ref.


Artwork: After the Fight

I know that I'm going to hate it tomorrow. But I think I reached the point at which I should just stop and go to bed.
And no, this is not supposed to be a self portrait. That'd be so pathetic, really :D


Artwork: Healing Spell

Used a self taken photo as reference.


Photos: Wasteland

...which is actually quite close to my place.

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Fanart: Zuko

I watched Avatar - The Last Airbender recently, the third season in little more than one night to be honest. And of course I became a Zuko Fangirl, so here we go for a little tribute!


Artwork: already givin' up?

I was angry with myself yesterday when I started this. I've always refused to consider myself an artist - maybe because this word, at least in German, is linked to so many things and prejudices I don't identify with. However, the progress of this picture felt rather 'artistic' to me, being somehow cathartic.

No ref used for the face (as you probably can see).


moaaar studying

It's nearly 4 am, I'm supposed to have cake at work at 10. Time to go to bed :D

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Reference photo here.


Artwork: Katharsis


Sort of Speed Painting. Inspired by the Song "Katharsis" of Fjoergyn.
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Actually I'm not that misanthropic right now, but sometimes I sink into that mood ;)